ERW Boru Profil Hatları

ERW Tube Mills Lines

Direk Profil Hatları

Direct Tube Mills

Rulo Dilme Hatları (Opsiyonel Duble)

Slitting Lines (Optional Double)

Rulo Boy Kesme Hatları

Cut-to-Length Lines

Açık Profil Hatları

Open Tube Mill Lines

Soğuk Uçar Testere

Cold Saw

H.F Kaynak Makineleri

H.F Welding Machines

32 Golden Years

32 years of experience with the excitement of the first day...

Excellent Engineering

The world s best known automation and hydraulic brand comes to life in our machines with the latest engineering...

Tube Mills

Speed Up Your Production. Automatic reel adjustment system quick change options...

Direct Profile Lines

No Roller Change!

Coil Slitting Lines

Second slitting head, automatic coil tipping system, fast blade change, high production capacity

Coil Cut to Length Lines

Good flatness of sheets

We protect nature and invest in the future

Pipe Industry Solutions Expert

BIRLI K MAKINA designs, produces and installs turnkey machines for the pipe and steel industry with its experience of more than 30 years. ...


We can proudly say that;

we are the biggest Turkish producer of high quality tube milling and steel roll processing machines!..

Excellent Engineering...

The most renowned automation and hydraulic brand of the world comes to life with our state-of-the-art machines…

We Grow Together with our Employees...

We continuously improve our qualified, solution-oriented labour force that is open to development and generating knowledge with our more than 120 employees...

High Competition


more than counteries


more than working lines

We do not follow the standards only.
Our R&D and engineering team offer optimum solutions tailored for your special needs...


We Care About Nature And We Grow With It

As Birlik Makina, we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and the climate problem.We produce our own energy with the solar energy systems on the roof of our factory.

We protect nature and invest in the future.


All you need to do is to ask for it...

We can offer special solutions for every sector in which steel is used.

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